Transmit data through body

I recently happened to work on a project that could transmit data through your body. The transmitter is at one end of the body and the receiver is at the other end. Small electrical impulses are generated by the transmitter corresponding to the inputted audio that are then transmitted through your body,as our bodies are good conductors of electricity, to the receiver.

When I had completed my project I came to know that many giant companies were also working with the same idea and that I was late. But the contentment of having done something great told me to write about the project on instructables. Today I am happy to share it on my blog.

The materials required for this project are common electronic components that one can find in some local electronic supplies store. This project mainly emphasis on the transmission of sound through the body. Its just a prototype that I built to test the theory. Lot of improvements have to be made.

1. 3 x BC547 transistors
2. Resistors- 2 x 150 ohms, 1 x 100 ohms
3. Speaker
4. Wires
5. Breadboard or a perfboard
6. 6v to 9v power supply


1. 5k ohms potentiometer (preset)
2. Capacitors- 2 x 0.047 uf, 100uf, 220 uf
3. LM 386 audio amplifier IC
4. Wires
5. Breadboard or a perfboard
6. 9v power supply
7. Mono jack

Transmitter :

Transmitter is very easy to build. You can easily develop your own version of it as well. It is just an audio amplifier circuit where the speaker is replaced with a single output wire. This wire is the one that transmits small amounts of current through your body that is modulated corresponding to the audio input. This circuit is completely safe. Just refer the schematic diagram of the circuit to build the transmitter. Pins 1 and 8 are linked together using a 5k potentiometer. Pin 2 is connected to the input via a 0.047 uf capacitor. Pins 3 and 4 are connected to ground. Pin 6 is connected to the positive terminal of the battery and a 100 uf capacitor links it to ground. Pin 5 is the output pin. It is connected to the output wire through a 220 uf capacitor and a 1k resistor. You can change the value of this resistor to adjust the volume. Pin 5 is also linked to ground via  a 10 ohms resistor and a 0.047 uf capacitor. If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this circuit feel free to comment.

Receiver :

The receiver is even simpler than the transmitter. It is just a cluster of three transistors connected to each other. I used BC 547 transistor as it has a high gain and is very cheap as well. The resistors are connected to the collectors of T1 and T2 and to the emitter of T3. The emitter of T1 is connected to the base of T2 and the emitter of T2 is connected to the base of T3. The base of T1 has a wire attached to it that acts as a touch pad. If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this circuit feel free to comment.

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