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Mission Complete!

I apologize for not writing anything for about one and a half month. I was really busy working on a new website. I am writing this post to celebrate its successful launch.

In the previous post I had mentioned about this new website. Now it is up and running. There a lot of bugs though and I am working on them. The website is still in its beta stage. I must say, developing the website was much easier than finding a name for it. After spending a lot of time and energy, I decided to go with the name Do go and check it out.

Here you can find books and download them with real ease. The ease was one of the motives to create this website. I know that there many websites where you can even download paid books for free, but that was not my aim in creating this site. I wanted a site where people can come, choose a book they want. read it online or download it, all without violating any copyright. Many of the books here are sourced from websites like and manyboo…