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Choosing a battery for your robot

One of most difficult things that you may face while building a robot is not just the circuit or the program or the mechanics but the power-source. You would want to invest on a reliable power-source that you can use for a long time in a number of projects. I personally dealt with this difficulty a lot of times and in some cases I had to stop the entire project midway due to the lack of a good power-source.

Always look out for these 2 things while selecting a battery:- 1. The capacity (Usually given in mAh) - If a battery as 2200 mAh capacity it means the battery has the ability to deliver 2200 mA (2.2 A) for an hour. (This figure is not always accurate and is mostly observed only under laboratory conditions.)
2. Voltage - Voltage determines how well the battery can push the robot (symbolically and not to be taken seriously). Higher voltage means the battery will be able to deliver the current more easily against resistance.
Alkaline Alkaline batteries are the most abundant and easy t…

Jarvis: An Arduino Based Home Automation System

I was inspired by Jarvis from the Iron Man and strongly wanted a home automation system. The existing systems were not cheap so I decided to build my own home automation system using an Arduino. At present its functionality is limited to switching the devices on or off but it can process natural language at a very basic level that allows you to use this technique to incorporate natural language processing capabilities into other Arduino projects. CAUTION: I DID NOTtest this project with real world appliances and if you are planning to do so, do it at your own risk. I strongly advice a professional electrician's help in doing so. The project is fairly simple in terms of the things required. ArduinoBluetooth Module (Preferably HC-05)LEDs (For prototyping) x 4BC-547 transistors x 410k and 150 ohms resistors x 4 eachRelay Board (Optional, only if you are serious about installing Jarvis in your home)Power supply (I used a powerbank and a 9V battery)Wires and BreadboardAn Android phone …