How does the Movie Search Engine work?

Recently I put together a Movie Search Engine that has built-in Sentiment Analysis that reads the reviews for the movie and gives the rating accordingly. The rating also takes in some other factors. Its built using php. It was just a fun project and was very quick to build because of some excellent APIs.

The site uses the TMDB API for the posters and OMDB API to get the IMDB ID and the user rating. I used a web scraping to collect user reviews from IMDB using the collected ID. If a movie is searched for the first time on the search engine, it stores its details locally on the server to decrease the load time when the movie is searched for again.

The disadvantage of using 2 different APIs for searching a single movie is that sometimes the poster and the movie doesn't match, but I had to use both the APIs as the OMDB API doesn't allow poster access for free. IMDB doesn't allow its poster to be used.

For the sentiment analysis I used the PhpInsight Library. It was very easy to work with and pretty good given the ease.

Do check out the website and give me your suggestions. (I couldn't find a good name for it. You are welcome to try!)

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