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Arduino Random Blog Topic Generator

Blogging is fun but only when you have a very good idea or topic to blog about. The topic must also be of some importance and demand to the public ,if you have started a new blog, to increase the traffic to the blog. When I started blogging I got good ideas to blog as I was very excited about running a blog, but later on it became difficult for me to search topics for blogging. I found some helpful tools on the internet such as this. I was blown by the way it worked. As I am a tech person I became curious to develop such an algorithm. Eventually I succeeded in it and to test it I used the good old Arduino. Let's see how I did it.

This project just requires two things: an Arduino and a computer with Arduino IDE intalled on it. Just download the code attached below and upload it to your board. You can hook up an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) to improve the performance of the project.

Arduino blog topic generator

This is project is based on the generation of random numbers. Arduino …